Benefits of disease avoidance

There are many benefits to you of avoiding disease through adopting effective biosecurity measures.

  • Animal welfare is protected and animal suffering is reduced.
  • Your animals should remain healthier and more productive for longer.
  • There are strong economic advantages.
    • Your animals should reach their full potential.
    • You can avoid unnecessary and costly culling and disposal.
    • You can reduce mortality in your animals.
    • It is an investment against future health issues as it helps to save on your medicine and vaccination costs.
  • The health status of your animals is higher, promoting your ability to trade and safeguarding your exports.
  • Your animals are healthier and cleaner, protecting the quality of your end product.
  • Your farm will be free to operate day-to-day without disease restrictions, saving time and reducing worry.

There are also wider benefits.  Good disease avoidance practices help to protect:

  • your local farming and rural community, allowing freedom to operate day-to-day without disease restrictions
  • the safety of the food chain, supporting public confidence in our products
  • the country’s ability to export
  • the health of people, pets and wild animals
  • our countryside, allowing open access for everyone to enjoy

Biosecurity also helps reduce unnecessary use of antimicrobials in animals and agriculture, as healthy animals need fewer antibiotics.  This helps to slow the development of antimicrobial resistance and reduce the spread of drug-resistant organisms.