About us

  • We are the Scottish One Health Antimicrobial Use and Antimicrobial Resistance, or SONAAR, team a multi-disciplinary team, vets working with colleagues in human healthcare, co-ordinating a One Health programme using an approach where human health and other sectors, animal health (of farmed and companion animals and wildlife), food and the environment are considered together.
  • We’re working to implement the UK’s AMR strategies (5-year action plan and 20-year Vision) with Scottish Government.
  • We’re surveillance-led, part of Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare Acquired Infection (ARHAI), and in animal health are partnered by Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) and Small Animal Veterinary Surveillance Network (SAVSNET).
  • We publish outputs annually each November in the SONAAR report.
  • We’re listening to and working with the animal health industry and prescribers, core are our animal health stakeholder groups.
  • We’ve created, with our stakeholders, this Scotland’s Healthy Animals website as a guidance hub for all animal keepers, veterinary and animal health professionals and the public as countryside users, in disease avoidance and antimicrobial stewardship.

Further background and details on the creation of the SHA website.