Why this website?

When we first met, the group whom we work with, representing the animal health and related communities, recognised a gap for handy, trusted guidance that is not too daunting, and so we worked together to bring together advice that is:

  • a start point to introduce (then, if required, provide further detailed information) a very wide range of guidance on keeping our animals healthy, avoiding disease and on the responsible use (stewardship) of antimicrobials
  • a ‘one-stop-shop’ for busy vets, vet students, vet nurses and practice teams, all animal keepers, wildlife centres, and the general public as countryside users
  • best practice shared by those who have done it (often as case studies or videos)
  • reviewed by our stakeholder group, who are experts in their fields
  • able to be tailored and packaged to suit your individual needs
  • subscription-free


We’d also like to use the website as a communication tool

  • sharing useful and relevant outputs, as shown on our Home Page
  • please let us know what you think: NSS.ARHAIsonaar@nhs.scot