What's in this website

This website can be used as a helpful tool in providing support and guidance to animal keepers and vets practices.

Disease avoidance (biosecurity) guidance

This website contains a wealth of practical guidance, written specifically for farmers and livestock keepers (this may aid health planning), companion animals and horses, and wildlife sanctuaries, rescue centres and zoos,  in easy to navigate sections.


Keep medicines working guidance

This website introduces the principles of good antimicrobial stewardship, with collated practical expert advice and appropriate links to the trusted organisations who lead in this field, to help you set up an antimicrobial stewardship policy within your practice. Animal keeper guidance is provided to help educate and enlist the support of your clients. Where available, advice on stewardship for specific animal sectors is provided.


Build your guidance

In addition this website allows you to Build Your Guidance for your specific client, allowing quick and easy selection by clicking on the relevant boxes thereby creating a package of specific guidance to present to them in a choice of formats.

Choose to provide the guidance on screen via a PC, Tablet or Mobile Device, send it via e-mail, or print it.


Farming with dyslexia guidance

This website and its content have been developed to comply with the recommendations of the NFU Scotland Farming with Dyslexia 'Best Practice in Communications Guide'.