RUMA-CAE Annual Progress Report December 2022

The RUMA Companion Animal & Equine (RUMA CA&E) Alliance has been established to define the principles of responsible use of medicines in the companion animal and equine sectors with a view to contributing positively to the One Health agenda.

This new collaboration covers the responsible use of medicines in dogs, cats, rabbits, small mammals, exotic animals kept as
pets, and equids. The aim is for the UK to lead the way in these sectors through evidence-based and measurable activities
that will promote and enhance antimicrobial stewardship.

RUMA CA&E is focusing initially on the responsible use of antibiotics in dogs and cats, but work is also starting in the equine sector. As well as looking at practice and individual level insights on prescribing habits, RUMA CA&E will also look at guidance, audits and evidence-based protocols.

This report provides information on the development of RUMA CA&E, its aims and current work as well as development of ongoing work.


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