Pig Keeper Guidance

  • You are considered to be a pig keeper if you keep a pig or ‘micropig’ (a pig bred to be small so it can be more easily kept as a pet) and must follow the same regulations as pig farmers.  Defra provide advice on keeping a pig or micropig, including biosecurity such as registration and identification.


Livestock Associations & Societies


Professional Veterinary Associations

  • The Pig Veterinary Society (PVS) is a specialist division of the British Veterinary Association. They assist members in caring for pigs, they share knowledge on health, disease, pig welfare and management.


Record Keeping Guidance

  • The Scottish Government provide guidance on Livestock ID and Traceability for pigs, including details of holding registers, identification and movement requirements
  • ScotEID works closely with the Scottish livestock sector & Scottish Government to design, develop and deliver solutions to ensure robust traceability


Assurance Schemes


Antimicrobial Stewardship


Electronic Medicine Book for Pigs

The electronic Medicine Book for Pigs (e-MB) is a UK-wide service for collection of data on antibiotic usage in the pig sector and optionally the full legal medicine book for pig holdings. Use of this service allows the sector to better demonstrate responsible use of antimicrobials (and other medicines).


Further Information