Animal waste

Slurry, manure and poultry litter can bring disease on to your farm, as these are often transferred on muck spreading vehicles and equipment.  These can also be transferred from neighbouring fields where muck is being spread, via aerosol and contaminated access roads.  You can also transfer disease around your farm and from your farm to others in the same ways.


Protect your animals

  • Avoid sharing muck spreading equipment where possible.
  • Always clean and disinfect all equipment very carefully before bringing on to your farm and after use.
  • Avoid aerosols when spreading slurry. Inject where possible or use inverted spreading plates.
  • Wear outer clothing and boots which can be cleaned and disinfected and gloves when handling slurry, manure or litter and wash hands afterwards.
  • If spreading animal waste on grazings, delay animal access for the recommended period (manure should be stacked for 8 weeks and slurry stored for 12 weeks then 8 weeks allowed after spreading on grazings before allowing animal access).
  • Locate slurry and manure stores as far away from animals as possible.
  • Take care when disposing of bedding from animals in quarantine or isolation.


Further information