Dead animals

Dead animals create a risk to your farm, as they may have died of infectious disease.  This poses a risk to people as well as to animals.  Consult with your vet regularly about animal deaths on farm to check if post-mortem examination is required to control disease.

The people and vehicles who come on to your farm to collect dead animals also visit other farms, so may spread disease.


Protect yourself and your animals from these risks

  • Dispose of dead animals safely, legally and without delay.
  • Investigate all abortions with your vet, as your local Animal and Plant Health Agency may need to be notified.
  • Consider stillborn or aborted animals and afterbirths in the same way as other dead animals.
  • Keep aborted material out of manure or slurry stores.
  • Designate a specific point for dead animal collection:
    • at the edge of your farm
    • away from healthy animals
    • provide a hose, bucket, brush and disinfectant foot dip
    • if possible, use a leak proof container
  • Always clean and disinfect the dead stock area after carcases are collected.
  • Keep records of visits from the people who uplift your dead animals.


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