Boundaries and neighbours

Animals on neighbouring farms which have direct contact with your animals over boundary fences can bring disease, as can animals which stray on to your farm.  The highest risk comes from animals of the same species.


Prevention measures

  • Keep high risk animals away from boundaries where they can contact other animals.
  • Prevent direct, or nose-to-nose, contact between your animals and those belonging to your neighbours.
  • You may require to double fence the farm perimeter or boundary. This involves constructing two fences at least 3 metres apart.
  • Keep gates and fences stock-proof, using appropriate and robust materials to prevent animals straying (for example, rylock for sheep).
  • Inspect and maintain gates and fences regularly, particularly on your boundaries.
  • Walls and hedges provide a good physical boundary and an obvious deterrent to animals.
  • Electric wires may be used to reinforce fence lines.