Outbreaks of disease

It is essential that any disease is detected early to enable prompt diagnosis, containment and treatment.


Steps you can take

You can take steps to detect disease early on your farm.

  • Use and refresh your health and biosecurity plans regularly with your vet.
  • Make time to inspect your animals regularly and closely in good light.
  • Monitor feed intake and mortality rates carefully.
  • Isolate sick animals immediately.
  • Contact your vet as soon as you detect a problem.

Disease detection and containment is vital for the control of notifiable diseases, which pose threats to the national herd.  Anyone suspecting a notifiable disease is legally obliged to contact their local Animal & Plant Health Agency field office without delay.  This should be done in consultation with your vet.


Reporting notifiable disease

There is a clear process for reporting notifiable diseases

  • You must contact your local Animal & Plant Health Agency (APHA) office immediately if you even suspect notifiable disease.
  • You should also contact your own vet.
  • In order to confirm or rule out the presence of notifiable disease, APHA vets will visit your farm to:
    • conduct a disease investigation, in liaison with your vet
    • serve precautionary movement restrictions on your animals and farm until a diagnosis can be confirmed, or until disease may be ruled out
    • samples may be required from your animals for diagnosis of disease
    • the range of control measures will depend upon the particular notifiable disease(s) suspected

Animal & Plant Health Agency provides detailed guidance on all aspects of Notifiable Disease in Animals.